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Why People Fail to Make Money From Home With a Genuine Home Business

Many people fail to make money from home, even if they have a genuine home business that should make them a reasonable living. There are many home business opportunities online these days, and many different ways to earn a living from home.

If you are looking for work from home ideas for a new home business just look at yourself. Have you any knowledge that others would be prepared to pay for, or perhaps you have skills such as being good at magic or having green fingers. Maybe you can run discos for your local bar or are a trained motor mechanic. Most people can do something that others will pay for, and you can turn that into a home business.

How about buying in bulk from a local manufacturer and selling the stuff online, or starting up your own local ‘buy and sell’ advertising paper. It doesn’t need a genius to come up with some great ideas for a home business. Even if you run a regular affiliate website, selling other people’s stuff for a commission or selling your own stuff – bedtime stories for kids or whatever it is that you can do. There are also turnkey operations on offer online, with great products to sell together with websites to promote them.

There are plenty ideas online for home businesses and thousands of people are making a living from them – but of the hundreds of thousands that start about 99% fail. Do you know why? Not because they don’t have a product to sell, because plenty failures had great products or services to offer. Not because of a lack of customers, because plenty failures also had the customers. The reason is that they were not able to look on their home business as a business!

Here are some reasons why real people fail to make money from home with real businesses, yet would likely have made it were they working from a regular office.

1. They start late and finish early

Too many people that work from home don’t take their home business seriously. They think they no longer have to sign in for work at a specific time and stay at work till the working day is done. They get up late, have a leisurely breakfast and then start work around 10 am. Come midday they take an hour or two off, start again at 2 pm and finish around 3 or 3.30. Rather than work a genuine 8 hour day, they are lucky if they put in 4 hours each day!

2. They take time off when they want

Many people that try to make money at home look upon their business as something to work at when they have no other commitments. They take time off work to walk the dog, take the kids to school, meet up with friends, watch an afternoon movie and anything else they can think to avoid working – and then cry when it all fails!

3. They fail to plan

You have heard the old saying about planning and failing so I won’t repeat it here, but it’s true. If you don’t have a business plan to work to, then you are bound to fail. No matter what your home business is, you must make a plan, and stick to it. Include financial targets, and what you must achieve over annual, monthly and weekly time periods. Unless you have targets to meet, you cannot measure your success. That invariably means that you must fail.

4. It’s not a job: they are not committed

All the above are signs that people don’t look on their home business as a job. They want to make money from home, but have this strange outlook that they don’t have to work to achieve their non-existent targets. It’s not a job to them, and maybe even not a hobby. They are not committed to make money from home. It’s simply something they do when they have nothing else to do – that’s how many people end up regarding their home business believe it or not!

What You Must Do For Success.

To be successful with a home business you must:

a. Treat it as a business and not a hobby

b. Work proper hours

c. Set up a room as an office

d. Do not take personal calls except in emergency

e. Set up a business plan with targets to meet specific goals

f. Maintain business accounts

g. Have a good product or service to offer

The last mentioned there is very important. You must have a good product to sell or service to offer. There are many good products to be found online if you do not have your own, some of them turnkey operations that offer you products to sell in addition to the website and tools to facilitate that. You can easily make money from home using many programs offered online if you commit yourself to do so.

Find a good product, and then make sure that you set yourself some targets. Look on your home business as a genuine business because you won’t make money from home unless you do. This is not a hobby, so don’t approach it as such.

Techniques for Naming Your Tutoring Business

Business name parts

Small businesses or new businesses often have two parts to their business names. The first part can be described as the unique part and the second part is the descriptive portion. Some people try to use only a unique name for their business without a descriptive part. This is generally a bad idea for small businesses because without the descriptive portion people won’t know what services your business offers. Over time as your brand becomes well-known in your market you should be able to drop the descriptive portion of your name and people will still know what business you’re in.

The unique portion of a business name takes many forms. The following list contains several variations of the unique portion that are often used for tutoring business names.


Tutoring businesses often use words related to success, reaching goals, and succeeding since these are some of the reasons people hire tutors. Words like “Elite”, “Ivy”, “A+”, and so on are examples of aspirational words. Check the thesaurus for more ideas for your business. Words like these are great for a tutoring business name because people will begin to associate your business with success.


Tutoring companies often operate in specific geographic markets so including the name of your market in your company’s name is a good strategy. For example, you might name your company “Grand Rapids Tutoring” if your company is based in Grand Rapids. A name that includes your location is an effective way to communicate to people in your area that you offer tutoring for their area.

Unique Value

Many businesses have a unique value proposition – something that distinguishes them from their competitors. If your business offers some kind of unique value to customers you might want to include this in your business name. Examples include words like “Traveling”, “One-on-One”, or “Total Math”. Unique value propositions can be related to your method of teaching, grade level, subject you specialize in, etc.

Subject Specific

If your tutoring company specializes in a single subject you might want to create a unique name related to the subject in which you specialize. Unique names can include words in a foreign language you teach, terminology such as “Pi”, or names of influential figures in your subject such as “da Vinci”, “Pascal” or “Einstein”.

Personal Name

Using your own last name in the name of your tutoring business is another useful technique for naming your business. Many successful companies have used this naming technique (I.e. Kumon, Huntington Learning Centers in the United States, Kip McGrath in Australia. This technique can become even more effective if you are already well-known for your work in the education field.

The second part of your business name should be the descriptive portion. Including words such as tutoring, tutors, education, academy, learning, learning center, etc. The descriptive portion of your business name is what tells people what your company does. This is very important when your business is starting out since you want to begin establishing a link between the unique part of your business name and the descriptive portion in people’s minds.

Tutoring Business Name Generator

To help you generate some ideas for a tutoring business name, you may find this name generator useful: Tutoring Business Name Generator


The naming techniques above should help you generate several ideas. By creating different combinations of the unique and descriptive portions you can create even more name variations. Create a list of your top ideas and ask your friends or coworkers which ones they like the best and you’ll have a name that will help your business grow and establish a strong brand.